BodyFix Massage & Spa Therapies

Relax with Massage for Women & Men

Mud Wraps, Body Scrubs

Mud wraps, Body Scrubs

Back Scrubs/Mud Wraps

60 min   @$95

Massage back, neck n shoulders, then aromatic back scrub under steamer, warmed mud mask, 

then massage to feet n legs

Luxury Honey/Mud Facials

Mini BodyFix

60 min   @$100 

Massage to back of feet, legs, back neck n shoulders, then turn over to express facial

Luxury BodyFix  2 Hours @$160

Full body massage including Mud facial

Couples Hot Stone

Hot Scrub Indulge

90 min  @$155 

Indulge with Hot Stone Massage to back of feet, back, neck n shoulders, including back scrub under steamer, aromatic back scrub, warmed mud mask, scalp massage, hot towels removal, body butter

Or Make it a

Deluxe Hot Scrub  2 hours @$210

adding a Mud facial